Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion to 64MGD


North Texas Municipal Water District

The Wilson Creek RWWTP will be expanded from 56 MGD to 64 MGD average daily flow capacity by providing an additional 8 MGD treatment train to Plant II. The Project will be procured and constructed using the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) alternative project delivery method.

GAI is performing the electrical distribution and controls design to support the Project. Process improvements and expansions are being designed for the following facilities: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Treatment, Disinfection, and Solids Handling. Electrical improvements include new transformers, new generator, new motor control center (MCC), and modifications to existing MCCs. GAI will develop an SKM model for use during design and provide a full power system study during the construction phase to determine breaker settings, available short circuit, arc flash levels, and then will provide/install appropriate safety labels.