Gupta & Associates Inc. is committed to providing a safe workplace and cultivating a culture of safety within our organization.As Engineers our first commitment is to ensure the safety of the public and we carry this further to protect the safety of our employees, clients and all colleagues we work with. Our employees understand safety starts with personal responsibility and each employee, starting from the top, is not only responsible for their actions but also should be cognizant of the workplace or field conditions around them and are required to report any unsafe conditions to their supervisor.


Safety Committee

GAI has embraced a philosophy of safety. We believe all injuries are preventable. To that end, GAI has formed a safety committee who are responsible for developing the safety standards at GAI, review recommendations by staff and develop safety training. Employee engagement in this endeavor is infectious and the commitment to safety is not a mandate by management but a deep rooted inherent practice by each employee.


Training and standards are the inputs to safety planning. Each project, each engagement, each site visit, there is a plan. At the start of each project we identify the safety risks and create a risk mitigation plan in the event of an incident. For any personnel who makes a site visit, must wear a vest, protective head gear and observe all onsite safety protocols. We work with the Owner, prior to a site visit, to ensure proper personnel escort our team around the site, minimize visits near construction activities and identify any other potential hazards. The best safety results come from detailed planning and attention to detail.


Ongoing training is an important aspect of continuing to teach and learn about the importance and value of safety. The safety committee will develop topics and provide training materials, manuals and classes. In addition, GAI developed a monthly training program where a different employee each month must pick a topic, research and present the topic to the entire staff. Safety is not something that can be achieved and forgotten. We must continue to focus on teaching and learning good habits every day.