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GAI is a client oriented company focused on listening, providing designs and solution to meet our client’s need. We are willing to do whatever is required to get the job done right.

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GAI exemplifies the highest standard of personal and professional ethics in everything we do.

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We treat employees and clients with respect. No exceptions.

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We strive to exceed expectations and provide more than what is expected. The quality of work we deliver is a function of quality staff at GAI.



GAI is a team player focused on partnering with our clients to foster a cooperative team environment and open communication which allows us to deliver consistent quality.

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The attention to detail and quality allows us to deliver the very best design. We pride ourselves in setting the bar for the industry.

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Our employees, clients and the public safety is of the utmost importance to GAI. We focus on individual responsibility to meet the safety needs of those around us.

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We believe our employees and their families make up our GAI family. We are committed to help and support our employees and their families.