Water Transmission System SCADA System Upgrade


North Texas Municipal Water District

Design a new SCADA telemetry system for the NTMWD Water Transmission System. The new telemetry system will improve the functionality, availability, and security of the water transmission system. The existing SCADA telemetry system utilizes legacy licensed 900MHz radios to communicate to approximately 100 remote telemetry units (RTUs) located at remote pump stations and delivery points. A legacy HMI located at the Operation Control Center at Wylie WTP allows Operators to monitor and control the system. The system has limited communication bandwidth only suitable for SCADA applications, and the system has no built in communication redundancy. GAI proposed a suitable solution for NTMWD to construct a new top end HMI and new Hybrid Telemetry System utilizing 900MHz licensed radios in conjunction with 4G/LTE cellular radios. The system provides higher availability and redundant communications for SCADA applications. The system also provides communication bandwidths suitable for access control applications and limited surveillance applications. A new redundant high performance HMI top end on virtualized servers is being provided to upgrade monitor and control capabilities of the system.