Eastside Water Treatment Plant Transfer Pump Station


City of Dallas

The project consisted of a 540 MGD transfer pump station for the Dallas East Side Water Treatment Plant. The pump station consists of space for eight 3000HP pumps at 4160V. The project included report, design, and construction phases. Phase 1 included installing four water cooled motors and four variable frequency drives. The incoming power distribution design included individual transformers for each VFD and a distribution system which could be converted to 13.2kV in the future. The design included control valves, vibration monitoring and all associated PLC controls and SCADA interfaces. In addition, the pump station also houses eight pumps for wash water and plant water services operating at 4160V. The project also consisted of clearwells and all associated sluice gate structures and water quality measurements. The transfer pumps were controlled from within the plant via PLC and fiber network.