Dos Rios Water Reclamation Center Electrical Improvements


City of San Antonio

GAI provided a master plan for replacement of the complete electrical system at the plant based on an Electrical Assessment effort GAI had previously completed. Under this project, GAI completed design for Phase 1 of this plan. The GAI portion of the design consisted of replacement of the incoming main feeders from the electric service provider (CPS Energy), new main switchgear building with provisions for future phases, replacement of four unit substations, and new building with a new indoor medium voltage motor control center. This work included:

  • Modifications to 15kV overhead pole line to provide new feeders
  • Addition of a new main electrical switchgear building that included new 15kV, dual fed, Main Plant Switchgear with bus differential protection for arc flash mitigation.
  • Underground 15kV feeder to new pad mounted switches and from these switches to new 4,160V and 480V transformers.