Denton Creek Regional Plant Lift Station Improvements


Trinity River Authority

GAI served as the prime consultant on this job. GAI performed the electrical distribution and controls design as well as the instrumentation and control design. There was a sub-consultant that provided the mechanical, civil, and structural design. The project included total rehabilitation of two wastewater lift stations. This work included new SF6 switchgear at one site, while both sites received new 480V motor control centers, VFDs and RVSS units, electrical buildings, and emergency standby generators (250kW and 2MW). Other work included the replacement of six manholes, replacing a drop man-hole with a new man-hole, and other miscellaneous work. The I&C work included new site security (CCTV cameras and badge readers), replacement of PLCs, replacement of radios, and replacement of all instrumentation at each lift station. All new construction had to be completed without taking the lift station out of service beyond what the wetwell could accommodate.