Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Electrical Improvements


City of Dallas

GAI served as the Prime Consultant on this job as the job was mostly electrical and instrumentation in scope. GAI’s team provided the design for the replacement of nine 13.2kV – 480V substations that consisted of primary selector switches and transformers, included provisions for portable generator hookup at various sites, converted one pump station from 2400V to 480V, installed several new variable frequency drives, and general rehab/replacement of equipment at several other locations throughout the plant. The Project consists of several smaller projects throughout the Dallas Plant:

  • Replaced nine 13.8kV-480V Substations.
  • Converted one location from 2400V to 480V.
  • Evaluated VFDs and two speed motors for pumps.
  • Researched funding alternatives for pump/motor replacements.
  • Added eight VFDs at the RAS pump station