Casa View Pump Station Electrical Improvements


North Texas Municipal Water District

Project consists of electrical and instrumentation improvements at Casa View Pump Station. The existing main electrical distribution is rated at 2300V. This project will consist of demolishing the existing electrical equipment, convert the pump station from 2300V to 4160V, and install and all new electrical distribution system.

This Project will provide new 4160V electrical distribution equipment, new wire and conduit to equipment, new 4160V motors, 480V generator, new electrical building, two new discharge flow meter vaults, new PLC, site improvements and other miscellaneous improvements. GAI will perform the electrical distribution and controls, the instrumentation and controls, as well as the HVAC engineering for this project. GAI will develop an SKM model for use during design and provide a full power system study during the construction phase to determine breaker settings, available short circuit, arc flash levels, and then will provide/install appropriate safety labels. GAI served as the prime consultant on this job.