Brackish Groundwater Desalination Program


City of San Antonio

This project includes the design and construction of a new Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility, remote brackish groundwater supply well & remote concentrate injection well sites and conveyance pipelines for the entire system. The project is anticipated to be the largest RO plant in Texas when it is completed. Ultimate build-out to be 25 MGD RO permeate production capacity.

GAI’s scope of work includes the entire program-wide instrumentation and controls design, including all remote sites, the RO Facility, as well as all associated chemical systems. This includes designing the in-plant process control system fiber optic network architecture, the wireless communications with remote sites, instrumentation, access control, virtualized servers, and video surveillance systems. During the PER phase GAI was responsible to provide 30% level of electrical drawings and create a SKM model to establish design criteria. GAI also had overall responsibility for coordinating electrical service from CPS Energy for both the RO plant and the production and injection well sites.

GAI is now providing construction phase services of monthly construction progress meetings, site inspections, witness testing, shop drawing submittal reviews, and requests for information resolution.