Bachman Water Quality Improvements


City of Dallas

GAI provided the electrical and instrumentation and controls design associated with the Water Quality Improvements at the Bachman Water Treatment Plant. The following facilities were included:

  • Rapid Mix Pump Facility
  • Polymer Facility
  • Admin Building
  • Secondary Treatment Basin
  • Hydrated Lime System
  • Filters
  • Raw Water Meter Vault
  • Backwash Pumps
  • Solids Handling
  • Flow Control Meter Vaults
  • BAF Chemical Facility
  • Clearwell

GAI’s electrical design included new 13.2kV switchgear, transformers, 480V switchboards, motor control center, panelboards, and wire/conduit to all process equipment. GAI’s I&C design included new flow meters, level transmitters, pressure instruments, etc., along with several new PLC panels and remote I/O cabinets. Fiber optic cables were installed to connect the process control system panels to the central control room. Detailed control narratives were developed for the chemical flow pacing calculations for each process. GAI is also providing PLC programming for all of the above facilities which includes developing testing procedures, and HMI coordination. GAI is now providing construction phase services.