Able Flood Water Pump Station


City of Dallas

GAI performed the electrical distribution and controls and the instrumentation and controls design for the new Able Storm Water Pump Station. This pump station includes four concrete volute pumps with 4000HP, 4160V motors. Due to power company starting capacity limitations, each of these will be controlled with an individual medium voltage variable frequency drive. Both the motor and VFD are water cooled. Due to power company load capacity, no single feeder can serve the entire station so a traditional main-tie-main switchgear lineup is not applicable. Instead, three separate feeders are being brought to the pump site with each one capable of carrying half the load. Switching at the 5kV secondary side of the transformers will provide the desired redundancy and reliability. An emergency standby generator is included for ancillary loads, communications, and controls. The SCADA system consisted of fiber and radio link to the main control room. Redundant controllers are designed to monitor and control the pump station.