69th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant


City of Houston

GAI designed the electrical power distribution at the main lift station substation that provides 4160V power for four 750HP constant speed pumps and four 600HP VFD pumps. The main switchgear provides redundant power feed (15kV) to three 3750kVA (15kV/4160V) transformers and two 750 KVA (15kV/480V) transformers. GAI’s new design included two new 3750kVA (15kV/4160V) transformers, two new 1000kVA (15kV/480V), three SF6 switches, and new 480V power distribution switchgear with all the conduits, wiring, and terminations to the existing loads within the pump control room.

This project was critical to the operation of the plant. The scheduled delivery for the complete design was 90 days. GAI delivered plans and specifications to meet City’s schedule.